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1. Lifting Refining Facial Cleanser

(27 Pcs./Box) A facial Cleanser, enriches with Algae Firming Complex, Micro-collagen and Beta Glucan that helps firming and reviralize your skin. Makes your skin healthy and looking youthful.

  • Size: 100 g
  • Price: N/A
2.Lifting Refining Serum

(80 Pcs./Box) Intensive enriching and nourishing skin to lift up you skin effectively.

  • Size: 35 ml
  • Price: N/A
3. Lifting Refining Eye Gel

(210 Pcs./Box) Intensive gel helps firming the skin surrounding the eyes.

  • Size: 15 g
  • Price: N/A
4. LiftingRefining Intensive Night Cream

(60 Pcs./Box) Nourishing cream for night time and helps lift up your skin.

  • Size: 30 g
  • Price: N/A
5. Lifting Refining Day Moisturizer

(60 Pcs./Box) Nourishing cream fro day time helps lift up your skin.

  • Size: 30 g
  • Price: N/A
6. Lifting Refining Mask Sheet

(100 Pcs./Box) A firming and nourishing mask sheet enriched with Algae Firming Complex, Micro-Collagen, Beta-glucan and Sodium Hyaluronate that keep your skin firming, looking healthy and youthful.

  • Size: 20 ml
  • Price: N/A