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1. Pearly White Cleansing Cream

(100 Pcs./Box) A cleansing creams clean the dirt, makeup and oiliness on the face. Size 80 g.

2. Pearly White Foaming Cleanser.

(96 Pcs./Box) Cleansing foam that can cleans off the bacteria, cosmetic and oil from your face. Size 85 g.

3. Pearly White Facial Toner

(70 Pcs./Box) A refreshing toner helps skin balance and whiten skin. Size 120 ml.

4. Pearly White Moisturizing Day Cream SPF15

(70 Pcs./Box) Enriches cream preventing your face from UV light leaving you soften and smoothen face. Size 40 g.

5. Pearly White Moisturizing Night Treatment

(70 Pcs./Box) Moisturizing and enriching cream rediant your face at night. Size 40 g.