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A week... Brightens up face rapidly. Stop root cause of dark skin problem. Slow down melanin color into deep origin.

Step 1: Deep cleansing

1. Perfect White Extra Bright Intensive Facial Cleansing Milk

(35 Pcs./Box) Milk lotion for with deep cleansing helps gently cleaning odd dirt and make your face whitening look. Size 115 ml.

Step 2: Pore reduction

2. Perfect White Extra Bright Refeshing Facial Toner

(35 Pcs./Box) Toner after cleansing face for deep cleansing, balance and minimizing pore. Size 115 ml.

Step 3: Nourishing skin by Intensive Serum

3. Perfect White Extra Bright Intensive Whitening Serum

(70 Pcs./Box) Intensive serum help skin more bright. Size 30 ml.

Step 4: Nourishing Eye

4. Perfect White Extra Bright Eye Cream

(119 Pcs./Box) Intensive molisturizing cream for your eye. Size 15 g.

Step 5: Stop corrector

5. Perfect White Extra Bright Spot Corrector

(247 Pcs./Box) Spot corrector to reduce the wrinkle and repair your dark spot skin. Size 15 ml.

Step 6: Nourishing Day Cream

6. Perfect White Extra Bright Protective Day Cream SPF15

(60 Pcs./Box) UV protextion cream helps to stop blemish freckle and black spot. Size 35 g.

Step 7: Nourishing Night Cream

7. Perfect White Extra Bright Intensive Night Cream

(60 Pcs./Box) Nourish and protext skin brighten and relay skin cell. Size 35 g.

Step 8: Mask sheet for immediate brighten skin

8. Perfect White Extra Bright Mask Sheet

(100 Pcs./Box) Intensive mask sheet for bright skin as for 7 days-used serum. Size 20 g