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1. White & Bright Treatment Set

(27 Pcs./Box) Moisturzing treatment with UV protextion reducing the darkness while brighten up your face skin. The revolution of reducing freckles at the beginning cause.

  • prevention of freckles appearance as well as repairing the damageed skin with White Soft and Beta Glucan substance.
  • Stimulation of building Collagen and Elastin in your deep skin level with Horse Tail Extract help smooth and flexible the healthy skin.
  • Protection of darkness skin, presenting a pleasant skin with cucumber ingredient adn AHA. Keeping the skin moisture at perfect level leaving only smooth and  none-irritated with Vitamin E Acetate and Aloe Vera Extra.

Size 15 * 3 g.

2. White & Bright Deep Cleansing Cream

(88 Pcs./Box) Make up removal cream with Lemon Extract protecting your skin from darkness. Also White Soft solution and  Arnica Extract help stimulate brightening and healthy face. Size 65 g.